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The Patient Experience – It Matters!

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Dec 2, 2015 9:46:00 AM

At ImageFIRST, we recognize the importance of the patient experience, particularly in today’s competitive healthcare industry. That’s why, this month, we wanted to talk a little bit about why we think it matters and what we do to help our customers improve their patients’ experiences.

What is the Patient Experience and Why Is It Important?

The welfare of patients and taking the utmost care of them is at the core of everything that the healthcare industry is about. When people talk about the patient experience, they refer to a comprehensive approach that includes not only whether patients were cured of the ailment that faced them, but also the overall experience they had with and in the medical facility. This can include anything from customer service at reception to comfortable robes to wear and spotlessly clean linen to sleep within.

Naturally, the patient experience is already important due to the inherent importance of patients’ welfare as the raison d'être of the healthcare industry’s existence, but the recent developments in the competitiveness of the industry have served to further highlight this. Nowadays, patients – particularly those who are coming in for less invasive or serious procedures – expect a level of comfort or even luxury from their experience. They expect to be treated as customers, not just patients, and if they are not happy, they will of course choose to find a different hospital for their future procedures – not to mention the word-of-mouth reviews of facilities for anyone in their circle that might be considering a similar stay at a hospital.


How Do We Help?

Now, as the premier provider of healthcare laundry services from linen to nurses’ uniforms in Puerto Rico, we pay special attention to how we can do our part in assisting our clients with improving the patient experiences in their facilities. For example, our Bright White Standard ensures that all linen delivered to an outpatient facility won’t be in those fifty shades of grey that will make a patient doubt the general cleanliness of the institution. Instead, we deliver crisp, bright white linen that will help in ensuring your patient that every aspect of their care is being considered.

Similarly, we also offer the Comfort Care Premium Gowns, a series of uniquely cozy gowns designed to make a patient feel comfortable, and even stylish, during their stay at your facility. These gowns are made out of a distinctively soft fabric, they come in various colors and they were designed with the idea of making your patient feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Every outpatient facility can provide a better experience when focusing on all these small details.